Quality and Verstegen

Food safety is a 'hot' topic

Certificaten Verstegen

The government and consumers are continually demanding a higher quality of food. This means there is an increasing awareness concerning food products and a critical attitude towards manufacturing practices and the consequences of these towards the environment.

Who is responsible?

It is the responsibility of the business society to adhere equally to the demands of legal government requirements and also specific demands by consumers. When food is involved the manufacturer should never damage the fragile trust of the consumer.

Verstegen and quality

With our own quality assurance systems, Verstegen demonstrates a total compliance with governmental laws and demands, as well as to the specific desires of the consumer. Quality within Verstegen starts at origin and this is maintained throughout the total manufacturing process; from the raw material stage and through production processes, to the end products, and in our attitude towards the environment.

Quality is at the heart and soul of the Verstegen organisation and all of the staff!